The Dilemma of Happiness

What if I offered you the exact formula for being happy?

All you needed to do was to follow the exact steps, and you would reliably and predictably be happy.

Are you excited to hear this? Or do you feel like this would take the mystery out of life, or that you would be deprived of the zest that comes from hoping and struggling?

I once read (I can't remember the source, but the idea has stuck with me) that it's so easy to save a lot of money and become wealthy that people don't do it because the strategy is so boring... it's mundane. There is nothing exciting about discipline. You just do the same thing over and over again, for years, and in the end you have a lot of money. There are stories about people who have tiny salaries, and yet they amass a fortune.

A lot of people think of happiness and wealth as a destination. They don't think of it as a way of life. And so we face the Dilemma of Happiness (and Wealth): do we embark on a journey that, we hope, earns us a chance at those, or do we decide that it's our way of life

With this simple question, we are entering the realm of life philosophy. From the NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) standpoint, we are deciding on how we frame our approach to life. And, as you know, we tend to not challenge the frame. We take it for granted. Most likely, you have gotten yours from your parents. But it is your decision to continue accepting it. Because if you decide that you're here to experience happiness and abundance, then the next logical step is to define what it means for you, and take the steps to eliminate anything that stands in their way.

Have you decided on your way of life?